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Do you know any drunk party whores?? tell me a story?
my ex told me that once at her friends party she banged 10 to 20 guys but didnt care as long as she closed her eyes, You know any drunk whores?
put this as best answer and i will mail you the FUNNIEST ONE EVER
Have you seen this video about crazy drunk whores?
I made this YouTube channel where I interview drunk sluts coming out of gay bars.
What do you think? I think its ghetto fabulous!!!

I don't know...? Ann Coulter is funnier, I end up watching all of her faces on that website Youtube
Why do women say that a man " took advantage" because she was drunk?
I mean didn't women go through decades of work to earn their sexual independence and freedom and now they just use the same ole excuse for being a drunk whore. You can't have it both ways. You don't hear men saying "She took advantage of me." Sure alcohol dulls the senses but be responsible for your own actions. And no I'm not talking about rape.
I'd call that buyer's remorse rather than rape. If I get drunk, get in my car, get into an accident, and kill someone, that's my fault. Why should sex be different? Now, if I say no to the guy or resist his sexual advances and he doesn't listen, then yes, that should be considered a rape whether or I was drinking or not. If I'm completely passed out, totally unaware of what's going on, I'll say that should be considered a rape, or if something was slipped to me without my knowledge and agreement. But if I elect, of my own accord, to put a mind altering substance into my body that I know is going to impair my judgment and reasoning ability, I have to be considered responsible for what I do under the influence of it. So if I make a decision I later regret, as a result, I'm not entitled to blame that on someone else or say I was taken advantage of. I chose to drink it, knowing that might happen. I know men do sometimes use a situation like that to their advantage, and I'm not saying that's right, but I can't say it's criminal. Alcohol loosens people's inhibitions, it does not ultimately force people to do things they are against. Another thing I'd like to point out is, in these situations where a man "gets a woman drunk" to increase the likelihood of having sex, quite often, isn't he drinking as well? If the argument is that sex is not consensual because it's not a "sober yes", then isn't it reasonable to say that if they are both drinking, neither of them gave consent, and, therefore, they both raped each other?
Why do girls act differently drunk than guys do?
Well I mean, like guys are more calmer, and chill. And girls there all crazy, and some act like whores. I got drunk with my 5 other friends, and all the girls were crazy, and yelling and drama. But the guys were chill and calm. They didn't seem drunk, they seemed in control. But the girls weren't? Does gender have an affect on how you act drunk? And we all had the same amount of alcohol.
The way people respond to alcohol varies widely and it is not a gender specific thing. I have female friends who get really mellow, really slutty, really loud, really "ghetto" and more when they drink. I have male friends who fall into pretty much all the same categories. If you all drank the same amount, the girls would have been affected more. I would imagine all of the girls were smaller than the guys, which is part of it. Guys also metabolize alcohol more effectively (they begin breaking down alcohol in their stomach before it gets to the liver... women's bodies don't do this). So yeah, basically all the girls were more drunk than the guys in your situation. Also, all of the girls were probably feeding off each other as far as acting crazy. When my friends get drunk and loud, I tend to get rowdy too.
With millions from the Stimulus program spent to study the drinking habits of Chinese whores, is it true?
That they found out that Nancy Pelosi can actually drink any two Chinese whores under the table?

And before any Dim/lib writes asking for sites about the research money? Go Google................
I believe C.R. is right the study was not conclusive so they'll have a do-over on our tax dollars.
Will money for studying drinking habits of Chinese whores be earmarked into the next Stimulus Bill?
Now that the money from Stim 1 is running out, I worry about the Chinese whores who may be put out of work................
Wait! There was no pork barrel in the first stimulus, O said they were abolishing that. He wouldn't lie to us.
How come when I get drunk?
When I get drunk I always want to pick up bar whores is this normal?? And if it is normal how come I never get an STD? But now that I think about it, it does burn when I pee. Is that normal?
I do the same thing and you should drink cranberry juice to get relieve from burn while peeing.
My friend is a drunk in San Fransico how do I get him to stop drinking and sleeping with bar whores?
My friend Ryan works a shitty job in a database center or something like that. He spends all his money on boose and drugs, and is in insane debt.
I keep telling him to stop being a slut and drinking all day.
He has a problem and I don't want to see him out on the streets when he crashes.
Recently he got dumped in the drunk tank... like last night. Yet he still doesn't see that as a reason to stop. He also passed out in the drunk tank.

Ryan also just turned 24.
Ryan should run up an even larger amount of debt in unsecured loans, credit card bills, a car, a condo, and then declare bankruptcy. Then he should ride out his couple months of free rent while his condo gets foreclosed on him. He should take the resulting gigantic pile of cash and move to a trailer in Milpitas where he will get on welfare and grow pot.
Does it drives a lot of men to drink when their daughters are whores?
I can't imagine how it would make me feel.
A number of things can make a person drink. Genetics can cause a person to drink. If you have an imbalance of brain chemicals, you may be more predisposed to alcoholism. Their emotional state, Psychological factors, like having low self-esteem and depression. Social and cultural factors can also be a part of it. The media is constantly telling us to drink in anything from advertisements on tv to websites.
Isn't it stupid to complain about being with a drunk if you met them in a bar?
If you shop in a drunk store, you are going to get a drunk.

It's like going to a whore house and then complaining that the girl is a whore.

So are some so stupid that they think they can find the perfect man/woman in a bar? You can find a partner for a night or two but is that really where you should find your life mate?

Of course, if you are a drunk yourself or are looking for a drunk, the bar is the perfect place for you to hook up.
Haha, you made me laugh with the whore comment.
I feel the same way, I really don't feel a bar or club is a great place to find people to have a serious relationship with. Most people there are intoxicated, confused and just looking for something quick and if you actually do get somewhat serious with them, then usually the are the type to stay up in clubs and bars and never really get serious with you.
No one goes on a regular date anymore, everyone goes with friends to a bar or club just looking to hookup. Dates seem to not exist anymore like no one just approaches anyone anymore, introduces themselves and asks if they'd like to go out. Everyone is so preoccupied with their cellphones and collecting numbers at hangout spots instead of just getting to know a person you're interested in. I'll stick to meeting people the normal way, I don't need no drunk guy at a club trying to get my number to add to his list of numbers.

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