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Any ladies out there who like having their bottoms spanked?
Either for fun or because they need or want discipline in their lives. In both cases--consensually.
Oh yes, absolutely! Especially with a birch, errrrrr I think.
Well, I'll answer you after I get it in a couple of weeks.
I especially like when the guy puts a cute pink ribbon on it. And then when he spanks me with his hand or a ruler afterwards.
I'm not sure though, so I'll have to get back with you on this.
Should men be allowed to spank ladies' bottoms at will?
My rationale is that women's bottoms are commonly bigger than mens' thus require a jolly good spanking to rectify their size.

Furthermore, this could be an effective means of communicating one's enthusiasm and satisfaction at a female colleagues' work performance.

Your thoughts- turn their cheeks bright rosy?
My wife as a good left hook.
Be afraid
Is true that French ladies believe in bare bottom spanking?
Would a French lady really spank you on your bare bum if you were being disrespectful? I heard that they do over in France, or is it a myth?
I have a friend from France and she has told me that it is not uncommon to still spank with a martinet. Apparently they still sell these in pet stores (which appalls me). These miniature martinets, being several strings of leather do not do much over clothing--so parents that do spank with them do it bare bottom or on bare legs.
Ladies do you like to be spanked?
over the knee?
clothed bottomed?
bare bottomed?
in front of others?
Considering that I've had the opportunity to spank women in all of those situations, I would have to say that there are definitely a few girls would like it those ways. Girls willing to be spanked in front of others is a bit on the lesser side, though I attend enough spanking parties to know where to find the ones that do. As for ourdoors, that's probably the hardest, since it's so easy to be seen by non-spankos that many simply won't do it.
If a guy is being spanked in public should you interfere?
I went to the grocery store today and I saw a lady spanking her guy's bottom with her sandal. I was obviously shocked and felt bad, because the poor angel was screaming. People were staring, but didn't do anything but give bad looks until finally I had enough and told the lady to calm down were in a public place leave the guy alone. She simply looked at me and said,"it's my guy you b*tch don't tell me what I should do with my fuc*ing family!" and left. Is it wrong that I interfered?
I think you may have overstepped your bounds, but I can't say that I wouldn't have thought of doing the same. A simple swat on the behind with an open hand is one thing, but spanking with a sandal or object like that is something I just don't see eye to eye with. But it still wasn't your place to intervene. That lady should have at least used some self control when it came to correcting her son. If you were really concerned then you could have sought out a security personnel or police officer.

And believe me, if the guy was truly a "poor angel" then her guy wouldn't have done anything to merit any kind of correction. But I do believe she should have handled it better and she certainly could have maintained better self control. Your heart was in the right place though.
This lady spanked me?
So i was spending a week at my friend's house cause my mom was outta town for the week. The mom was in charge and she disiplined us the way she disiplined her guyren. which is being spanked when they do something bad. we were messin around one day and i accidentally hurt her daughter and she got mad so she said since im staying with them and im apart of the family so im gonna get punished the way if i was her guy. she took me over her knee in front of all the other guys at the house, pulled down my stretchy pants then my underwear and spanked my bare bottom!!! i was crying and saying please stop and she said she doesn't care if i get embarassed cause i deserve it!! even after i told her it was an accident she still said i should watch what im doing and she will tell my mom about this when she gets back so i get another spanking when i get home! it was terrible and really really embarassing because the guys were laughing at me!!!! do you think this was right or not? plz & thx
No, she was not right. You are not her guy so she had no reason to touch you. I am and always have been very protective of my guys. My baby girl is now 16 and can stick up for herself but no one (not even grandparents) were ever allowed to lay a hand on either of my guys. If I was your mom, this other lady would be getting worse than a spanking from me. She had no reason to touch you or embarass you like that. Tell your parents. It is abuse.
Ladies would you spank a male friend if he asks you ?
my friend which is 26, asked me if i can spank him. bare bottom, with implements, no hands, hard and long. i dont know what to say though. i mean we are both single. oh and he told me that he feels that he needs one from someone he can trust.

You might want to speak to him about the reasons that he feels that he needs this. It sounds like he's looking for a disciplinary spanking, meaning that it's for some behavior that he wants to change. If this is the case, you really should know that. While it's possible that there is a sexual bent to his request, I would tend to believe that it's entirely platonic. Be careful, though. While I've known several women whom I've met with for non-sexual discipline and punishment spankings, men tend to be much more sexually-minded about such topics. Make sure that it stays platonic.
Ladies 23-55 only?
Have you ever been unfaithful to your husband/long term boyfriend?

Would you consider doing it again?

Do you have brown eyes, shoulder length hair (or longer), D cup breasts, are you under 5' 10", do you like to wear your hair pinned up, do you wear glasses, do you drive?

If you have answered 'yes' to all of these questions then email me with your stats and in return I will email you my phone number because you deserve to have your bare bottom spanked and I'm suitably qualified to dispense with such a punishment!
a man who knows what he wants... mmmm,
but you must be butt ugly or diseased cuz you don't say nothing about yourself!
I want someone to enjoy spanking my bum?
My round small bottom needs a spank from someone who likes to spank (female), uk. It might be weird, but I wasnt to find out what its like getting a spanking from a stern older lady. Im 23, in the uk and want to know where I can find someone who wouldn't mind doing that. It would have to be discreet though. Thanks, and hope no one thinks im weird.
Your best bet nowadays is to join a social networking site dedicated to the fetish in question, or at least fetishes in general. I would suggest Fetlife, as it has kinksters with every fetish imaginable and has a good user interface. There is also the World Fetish Forum and Spankolife, which are both very spank-friendly, but not very user-friendly. Spankolife, in particular, is very buggy and drags down most computers that try to use it. I've given up on it.

Besides those options, there are also spanking groups on Myspace and Yahoo, though they are fading in popularity.

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