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How do i meet milfs or mature women?
I'm 20 and want casual x with an older women. Preferably 27-40. I want to be a boy toy and hope to be impressed by an older experienced woman. Where can i meet older women that will be interested in young men like me?
Make sure your buff + handsome ... otherwise it defeats the purpose.

Put yourself out there. Learn to approach women.
Are there more desperate mature women/cougars in USA than any other country?
I would like to know because i love MILF's, cougars, mature women, but i'm from England and there isn't so many. I always see Tv programmes from USA that show Mature women/Milfs to be desperate and just wondering whether it is true because i wanna sleep with a cougar/milf.
Maybe you can get a research grant.
Are there more desperate Milfs/Cougars in USA than any other country?
I would like to know because i love MILF's, cougars, mature women, but i'm from England and there isn't so many. I always see Tv programmes from USA that show Mature women/Milfs to be desperate and just wondering whether it is true because i wanna sleep with a cougar/milf.
i'm astounded you think cougars are desperate

they are in high demand
as you have found out

and i am neither a cougar nor American and i know that

i say more power to them
its about time women empowered themselves and went out to get what they are after
Mature women hot mom cougars fine wine milfs?
I'm head over heals for a woman 27 years older than me. I'm 18.

Long story short, I invited her to dinner and she refused. Months later she called me up and accepted and offered to pay so it looks like I'm going to at least get a shot. She wouldnt ask me to dinner if she wasnt interested right? I'm just wondering if our gap is ok to explore? Can it work? Is it socially acceptable or will people consider it creepy and stuff like that?
go for a root. dont get in to a relationship with her. shell be wrinkly and gross soon so get the experience form her and use on younger girls round your age
Mature women (or anyone) please help. I was waiting for the bus and a 2 MILFS were also waiting for the bus...?
OK so, these two MILFS were waiting for the bus, and one of them ask me for a pen to write down something. I borrow it and she said thank you.

She turned once in a while and looked at me with the tail of her eye. I could see her desire; she seemed she wanted to fuc k me. Finally, when her bus arrived, she said "gracias corazon"

which means "thank you sweet heart."

Now, the question is,

If you were that woman, would you have said "thank you sweet heart”?

I mean, she said thank you before, so there was no need to say it again. Plus she also added sweet heart.

I ask this because i really love older woman and i would like to know if older woman would say this to a young guy (22 years old)?

If i ever see this MILF again i am going to say to her how wonderfully his body is. Her body was wonderful; she seemed to work out regularly.

If you are an older woman who has had similar experiences please write that down!
Yeah I would of said "Thank You Sweetheart" if I liked you or thought you were cute haha.
Do any of you guys have any tips on getting mature women?
Im 20 years old and want to hook up with mature females, or so called milfs. im not looking for some porn star looking female, she can be average for all i can. I just want to find a mature woman who is horny for young men.

any tips on how to get with a mature woman? where should i look at?
Sweetie...i'm 50 I know sounds I have 30 something guys asking me out because of the couger thing......personally 20 is very young...and an older woman would not be horny as if they are attractive and have alot to offer..they are not going to be looking for a younger guy simply because we already have a career,money and for fun maybe. i personally pass on the 30 somethings as they are not experienced and there is nothing in common to talk as an older couger I tend to want only 50 and under....good luck though ..Maybe the 30 -40 year olds may take you up..But you better have something to offer them that they havent already done before...If they are older chances are they will date a younger man because of his knowledge..Ive found the younger men want us to teach them something...good luck
Where can I find a real milf/mature woman who is interested in younger men?
I hav always been attracted to milfs and want to be with one so where can I find them, they have to be in aus.
Why do men like MILFs so much?
don't just answer, READ

okay so milf is a MOTHER than you would like to f*** right? well i have noticed many men want a milf, but i dont get it. What is so special about them? are men looking for families? or what? you may say "they are more experienced" but for all you know, that woman could have had sex only a handfull of times and became pregnant. also, men say that its nice to have a "mature" woman...well, not all milfs are mature. there are some 16,17,18 year old young girls who could be considered a MILF.

i have just always wondered this, and yes...i am a mother.
First of all, a MILF in NOT a teenager.

Because they know what they want and what boys want...and it's usually the same thing.

Apparently, the part you DON'T get is that every guy isn't looking for the same thing that every girl is looking for. Most young guys are NOT looking for wives, drama, hang-ups, baggage and relationships. They are not looking to be some girls possession, like one of those little annoying pocketbook dogs.

It's NOT about wanting 'A Mother'. You're confused. It's about wanting someone who just wants to have fun.

Look, it's a 'male' thing that you apparently don't and will never get. Just like 'putting paint/colors on your face and thinking it makes you look good' is a girl thing that I don't get.
Need advice on attractive mature women in Los Angeles? (women only please)?
I am a good looking, respectable 19 year old, and have realized that I am attracted to mature older women (these women are not "old" hence me not using the term), because they are more intelligent and mature than girls my age, without having all the bs.

Are any mature women (ie. cougars/milfs) attracted to younger guys?

If they are attracted to younger guys, how can I find them?
I would suggest hanging out a libraries, museums, art gallaries....places where older women....meaning from mid-30s to 50ish who can be very attractive and like to take on a younger fella ... might be at times when they are not so busy, thus, have time to check you out too.

If she looks at you a little longer than might be usual, she is attracted to whatever she sees. In such a case, let yourself move to places where the two of you might cross paths with some frequency than either she or you might ask a question, like, "What do you think of .... blah." Later ask, if she might consider tea/coffee.... then maybe you will be lucky and eventually be invited to her swimming pool or sauna.

We older gals like to play with younger guys, but will not likely want anything permanent. If you are truly affectionate toward an older woman -- as you should be with any woman -- you will have a lot to offer.

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