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Smoking girl in the pentagon in cod black ops?
On level 3 there was a girl mason noticed while walking in the pentagon where a girl was smoking in slow motion while the interrogator guy said we were watching you the whole time. What was that? I didn't get that part can any one help me please?
This isnt a wide known fact but that girl is the one transmitting the numbers to mason. For you hear her multiple times in the campaign and in the mission "Numbers it becomes clear. Once you decode those numbers in a specific decode you should get the 8 steps in the campaign with reznov. This hints to the fact that there shall be 8 steps witch is 8 maps for if you played each you shall learn that they mean that ex: Nact Der Untoten is ascend from darkness for you just fell into suffering etc... Therefore the girl is nothing important its just Treyarch hinting things of no complete seriousness! Hope this helped dude!
Question for th guys: does a girl drinking or smoking weed turn you off?
im one of those, what can i say... just curious though (not that ill stop getting high) but does a girl smoking weed turn you guys off
Definitely, you would expect a girl to be nice and innocent. That's why boys are attracted to girls but if a girl begins to do things similar to boys, it can put boys off as they might think the girl is too masculine. This doesn't mean girls can't have a life too but there's a limit just the same as boys with other things.. Also with girls wearing make up and all, it can make them look older than they already are and with doing drugs it could make a girl look even more older..

Yet again it's your life, do what you wanna do..
I saw a little 12 year old girl smoking what should I do?
I saw a little 12 year old girl smoking what should I do? Thats about the same age I started. I know who she is but I don't know who her parents are.
The only thing you can do is talk with her. If I were you; I'd explain to her the dangers of smoking. Not only that but explain your own story. Tell her that the addiction is so hard to break and it's not 'cool' when you start getting older and that you'd wished you never started. Try to set a good example without giving a lecture. I think guys that we don't know very well respond better to concerned 'friendly' talk then lectures. Try it and I bet it'll work. Best of Luck.
What should I do, this smoking hot girl just asked me to smoke weed with her b4 class.?
i'm 19 and I have a class with a smoking hot girl(no pun intended).
I ran into her at a rock concert a last week.
we got to talking and she asked me if i wanted
to smoke weed with her,
b4 our class together. what should i do?
We haven't really ever talked b4.
She sits next to me and when i look over at her randomly,
she is always looking right back at me.
I'm not shure what to make of the situation.
Tell her you've got something better for her to "smoke". Giggity.
Where can I find the name and a print of the famous black and white photograph of a young girl smoking?
I know it is a famous picture but I can't remember the title, I believe the girl in the picture may have been sitting on a cart of some kind with flowers around, and it looked like it was probably taken in a country other than the US. It is an image that stuck in my mind when I saw it and I would love to find a print of it if possible.
Try,, Good luck.
What are your thoughts when you see a pregnant girl smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages?
Im talking about women who are obviously pregnant and know they are pregnant. What do you think? Do you say something to them, do you mind your own business or do you think its no big deal?
Usually I mind my own business. But when guyren are involved, I say something.
My step-mom was dying to have us come to her birthday party at a bar about a month ago. Everyone there knew I was pregnant, and my dad even told them all "Don't smoke in front of her." But they were partying with this couple who lit up every 5 minutes. Right next to me. My husband and I were so pissed we spent half the night outside waiting for the dumb asses to stop smoking. Eventually it got so annoying that I told my dad to take us home. I didn't care that I was stuck babysitting his guys the rest of the night.
People should be more cautious and more courteous. When guyren are involved it's a big problem. The woman shouldn't have gotten pregnant if she though smoking and drinking were more important to her than her own damn guy.
My mom works at a bar. You'd be suprised how many times she's had to refuse service to pregnant women. Thankfully I think a lot of bartenders are like that.
What do you think of when you see a girl smoking?
Do you find it repulsive, sad, enchanting, a massive turn off, attractive, pathetic, dirty, or anything else you could think of to describe it?
Looking past the smell and the health implications and focusing on how it looks to you, whether it visually appeals to you or repulses you.
dumb. repulsive.
Is personality (slightly) less important in a girl who is smoking hot?
I didn't say UNIMPORTANT, personality is never unimportant, but when a girl is smoking hot, I think her personality is slightly less important... meaning she doesn't have to be AS nice, AS considerate, AS fun as the average looking girls. Do you agree?
No, but that's the way it is.
Is it OK to give a 10 year old girl or boy a Bare Bottom Spanking if you catch them smoking cigarettes?
And the 10 year old girl or boy knows smoking cigarettes is a wrong thing to do. But they still did it any way just because they wanted to. Lets say the 10 year old found the cigarettes outside on the sidewalk. And they didn't tell you because they didn't want to and they smoke them. Afterwhile you found your guys smoking outside in your front yard.

How would you react if you saw your 10 year old Daughter or Son smoking a cigarette?
Yes, it is okay....not sure exactly what I'd do.
This is VERY IMPORTANT, is it bad having a picture of a girl smoking as your myspace background and you dont?
Okay i am 13 14 in exactly a month but i was wondering if having a picture of a girl smoking bad, and you dont?
i just think is looks really cool;;

also will i be a poser?
LOL, no, it's fine, i don't think anyone will care?:L :L

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