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Does peeking the kittens when they are sucking breast-milk makes them and the mother cat scares?
I once had a male and a female cat. After a few months, the female one gave birth to 4 all-white kittens. I liked them so much that I peeked them all the time. After one week, maybe because of that, the mother stopped letting her kittens to suck breastmilk. Two died but two survived, one of them was the one I was talking about.
Generally it's good to let nursing babies feed in peace and quiet, even if you mean no harm.
Can you get HIV/AIDS for sucking your partners nipples and drinking the milk from her breast?
I wanna know cuhz ive been goin out with my gf for a long time and we agreed to have safe sex but i just wanted to know if you can get HIV/AIDS by drinking or sucking there breast milk
HIV Infection For Duration Of Breastfeeding…
Is there any macine to suck breast milk of women,like sucking cow's milk?
well,my wife requires that,plz can any body help me ???
sure its called a breast pump
Does the breast milk come out more sucking ?
I have to pump the milk for my baby when I go to work and I only produce 2 onzes in 30 minutes.
When my baby sucks in my breast does more milk come out?
(sorry my english)
Babies are *always* more effective than any breast pump. And your breasts are never empty. The baby can *always* get more out.
My 4 month Daughter now not sucking breast milk properly.What should i do?
My Breast is paining, what is the relief measures to be taken for this as the milk flow is also reduced?
This is going to bizarre but, you might need to see a lactation specialist.
My husband wants to suck my breast milk also with my 5 months baby.Can I give him my milk?
My husband wants to suck my breast milk at every night? I also enjoyed to give him but i afraid. Can it harmful for my baby or not?Please tell me?
It won't be harmful to your baby unless he takes too much and doesn't leave enough for the baby to feed on when he/she is hungry. He could also cause you to become engorged because breast milk is produced by supply and demand. The more you let him have and the baby takes, the more milk you will make causing your breasts to be overly full - engorged. You and your husband can enjoy, but in moderation.
Can someone having age greater than 20 get affected with HIV if he sucked breast milk of a women having HIV?
Can someone having age greater than 20 get affected with HIV if he sucked breast milk of a women having HIV
HIV is transmitted through bodily fluids, so yes, you can get HIV from breast milk. This is why they recommend that mothers who are HIV positive not breast feed their guy.
When introducing formula by one feed at a time and also expressing breast milk am i still supposed to breastfe?
am i still supposed to breastfeed or am i supposed to just express and dont let my baby get milk from sucking my breast
Yes, the baby can still nurse. If you are weaning your baby then take away one feeding at a time and leave night time for last.

My son has always been breastfed but I could never pump enough while I was at work. Well, I could pump enough times but after 3 sessions I would only get 4-6 oz of milk. So he has always had formula as well.
He is now 10 months and I only work 20 hrs a week now. So when I am home he only gets 1 bottle of formula a day and the rest he nurses. When I work he nurses in the morning, bottles in the afternoon and nurses at night. He really is only interested in the morning feed so when I do wean him I will save that one for last. He loves his bottles too!
I am also 4 months pregnant.
Can sucking on breast too much produce milk?
After intercourse, we noticed milk came out of my nipple. I am NOT pregnant, just finished my period 5 days ago. The milk was white.... Why would this happen?
Nothing is wrong I have heard of this many times. My sister leaks sometimes for one side and her youngest is 4 yrs old. No worries.
Can breast sucking on a non-lactating woman produce milk?
My youngest guy is in college. My partner said he got the taste of something in his mouth, he believed to be milk. Just Wondering!!!
usually it do not produce

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